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If you’re anything like most bodybuilders, chances are you know how important it is to get a proper post cycle therapy or PCT going with aromatase inhibitors like Letrozole after cycling with prohormones or anabolic steroids.

Neglecting to do so doesn’t just lead to the loss of the lean muscle gains that you’ve worked really hard to achieve, but also make you vulnerable to a number of health issues like gynecomastia or “bitch tits” as well as sailing blood pressure levels.

But the thing is some bodybuilding buffs still don’t have a very clear idea of what Letrozole is and what it does when it comes to bringing down estrogen levels in the body while boosting the amount of testosterone in the process.

Make sure you follow along to find out more about this powerful aromatase inhibitor and how it can help you get the job done with flying colors in terms of PCT.

So what is Letrozole anyway?

Letrozole is a type II aromatase inhibitor or AI that was primarily developed to help in the treatment of breast cancer, particularly among women who have just gone through surgery and are looking to stave off possible relapses in the long run.

This AI gained its United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1997 and is found to have no side effects even when used by pregnant women, based on the results of a study conducted by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Letrozole is considered as a legal drug worldwide except in India.

How does Letrozole work?

As an AI, Letrozole basically binds to the aromatase enzyme to disrupt its ability to form estrogen hormones and keep them from being released in the body. This promotes a rise in testosterone to normalize their levels in the system, which is significantly reduced after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones.

Compared to other aromatase inhibitors, Letrozole has been seen to be very potent in terms of keeping estrogen hormones in check. It’s so powerful that it has the ability to cut estrogen by as much as 98% in women and 65% in men when used in recommended doses.

Letrozole’s potency is mainly attributed to its effective inhibition of the protein enzyme called cytochrome P450 that triggers the conversion of aromatase enzymes into estrogen. It didn’t take long before it became one of the most popular AI’s for PCT use.

What is the half-life and starting dose of Letrozole?

The half-life of Letrozole is about 2 to 4 and a good starting daily dose for it is from 0.25mg up to 1mg. Make it a point to use it conservatively given its proven potency in terms of lowering estrogen levels in the system.

Why choose Letrozole for PCT?

Now while cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones promote a massive boost in testosterone levels that result to increase in strength and energy as well as enhanced muscle growth and development, the body tends to compensate with this hormonal imbalance by triggering a sudden surge in estrogen hormones.

Unless this unwanted swell in estrogen hormones is effectively controlled, you’re extremely prone to several negative side effects like a serious loss in your muscle gains, significant dips in your energy and libido levels, hypertension as well as sleeping issues.

And given Letrozole’s ability to suppress estrogen production in the body, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of benefits if you neglect to give it a try.

Where to buy Letrozole online

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